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Last Updated: 3/23/18

Little League bat rules have changed for 2018.  Boys "A" and "C" are effected.  All bats must have the USA baseball markings.  Bat Diameter can be 2 5/8".

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   We simply would not be able to obtain the level of diamonds at Richard Shaffer Park, without the support of our community.  Through team sponsors, ball diamond signs and the hours generously donated from you, we continue to bring amazing summer baseball and softball programs.   With no current funding from the city, county or state we rely on you to make our children's dreams of playing the Great American Past Time true.   
   We simply are unable to thank everyone here, but we know and you know who you are.  You can also see who has donated by the signage and team shirts throughout the park.  Be sure to support those, that support us.  
    We are always accepting donations; time, product or monetary.  With our current project of replacing the 40-year-old scoreboards, we need your help.  
   Along with our new fundraising program, we always have our ball field signs available for advertising.  The cost is only $100 per sign and they stay up year long.   We average 2,000-3,000 spectators per week during summer ball alone.  We also have space on the back side of the fences facing North High Street, which are $250.00 per year with a one-time installation fee of $175.00 and are visible year long.    
   Please call 937-393-9808 for inquiries.  
Thank You for your continued support for our children and please support those that support Richard Shaffer Park.

Some of our current sign options

Thank You; without you many things are not possible.